Starting at $35 per sq. ft

IceStone is another environmentally safe option, as it is a durable surface made of recycled glass and cement, that can be used for any home building. To get a better idea of what this stone is, keep in mind that it’s as strong as granite, heat-resistant like stone, and is not as porous like a popular stone known as marble.

Why is this a safe option? Well leading up to the composition of the material you will find out that it is 99.5% inorganic. Therefore, it is safe from a standpoint of toxicity and fire resistance. Through the process of fabrication, installation and maintenance of IceStone, our team basically follows the same process that is used when dealing with natural stone.

About Ice-Stone

If you are looking for an elegant option, Ice-stone is perfect for you. It’s a recycled surface option that can develop your residential or commercial area into a shining beauty, mastering projects that involve kitchens, bathrooms, vanities and more. It also has a great design! Another positive is that the material tends to be very strong, as it works to add an excellent touch to your location.

Ice-stone is composed of 75% recycled glass, 15-20% cement and 5-10% pigments and organic fillers. If the ice-stone kitchen countertop is installed by a professional, your place will illuminate and be brought to life. Our skilled team of experts will always provide you with a properly installed, polished, waxed, and sealed ice-stone surface, leaving you with a durable counter-top.

The difference between ice-stone, quartz, granite, marble, and, bio-glass surfaces. Ice-stone is the best responsible decision one can make when choosing a countertop. It is recyclable, meaning that you will be doing the environment a favor by choosing ice-stone. It will also leave you with smaller footprints than marble or even granite. In ice-stone you will find nothing but natural fillers. Ice-stone is not a naturally occurring material, separating itself from Quartz. Although it consists of only recycled materials it also contains portions of pigments and cements, unlike Bio-glass.

You will be recommended to apply a sealant to the surface regularly, as it partially porous since it has cement content. You should do resealing twice a year and give your material a waxing about 2-3 times throughout the year so you can prevent any permanent damages. If you decide to go with ice-stone, you will have many options as there are over 20 design varietals of ice stone to choose from. Therefore, it will be easy to find an ice-stone that best fits your needs and style.