Caesarstone Quartz

Starting at $35 per sq. ft

The creation of CaesarStone involved the revolutionary idea of using quartz, which is one of world's hardest materials used to create a brand new surfacing product in 1987. Over time the engineered stone’s extraordinary physical properties soon became internationally recognized, founding a new product genre in the industry. Leading up to our current day and age, CaesarStone offers two products. CaesarStone, the original quartz stone surfacing material. The second product offered is Concetto, the stone surface made from individually cut semi-precious stones. This stone is the original quartz-based engineered stone that is usually used for kitchen countertops and also bathroom vanities.

If you’re wondering if this material is durable, know that CaesarStone is 93% crushed quartz. Quartz is once again one of nature’s hardest minerals. Additionally, quartz is combined with high-quality polymer resins and pigments and then compacted under intense vibrations and pressured into a dense, non-porous slab. The slabs are post cured, evaluated to a precise thickness, and polished to acquire a splendid shine.

Create the finest residential countertops using CaesarStone. CaesarStone is now offered as an attractive and versatile finish for commercial and institutional buildings. Quartz alone is a material that is tough enough for wear and tear on almost all interior surfaces. At the same time, it is beautiful enough to take on any or all decorating or architectural schemes.

Why is CaesarStone perfect for a kitchen countertop?

First of all, CaesarStone provides many advantages over natural stone. It is defined to be stronger, very durable, cleaner, safer, and more consistent than most stones on the market. Some people would define it as the “Six-Million-Dollar-Man” of stone surfaces. It is a high class option due to its superior performance. CaesarStone is also veined and prone to flaws, choose from different design and choose one that’s best for you.

Through KR Tile & Stone you get the best of the best, from manufacturing to installation. A team of highly trained professionals will ensure that everything is top notch, including the end results. The industry needs someone like KR Tile & Stone but it’s your job to reach out to our team in order to get a free consultation. All raw materials go through a strict and rigorous inspection at the start of the manufacturing process. This particular material, CaesarStone, is blended at 93% natural quartz with the rest being 7% polymer resins and pigments.

CaesarStone is proud to have earned the respect from its fellow clients over the years, creating referrals and overall customer satisfaction. CaesarStone carries a Lifetime Warranty and you should not hesitate on choosing any stone especially if it fits your needs.