Tile Staircases

KR Tile & Stone provides a variety of services to the greater Los Angeles area including step remodeling and design services. In Los Angeles you can find it’s “Secret Stairs” that are at the moment forgotten to many people living in this area. People were able to reach their destination through these beautiful stairs in the hills. Create an incredible staircase in your own home or business and take a luxurious walk into the next room. Our team is well prepared and really intelligent individuals trained to accomplish a job that best fits your needs.

Create a design and be creative! Set the tone of your home or business by simply upgrading your staircase to give it a shine of beauty. We are able to either modify your current staircase or also build from scratch. Through a consultation we will be able to meet one on one and discuss what your wants and needs are for the project that will be taken on by our team.


Our Team Can Help Choose the Right Stone

Before choosing a material for the staircase, you need to note that the material you select must be durable. Due to the constant traffic on these staircases you need to really consider all the stress that will be placed upon the material.

One of the reasons why tile is a great option is because of the durability and options. You will have the ability to be very creative choosing from a variety of patterns, colors, and designs. Since tile is laid in individual sections, you will have many options for variation. Tile can be very slippery when liquid makes contact with the tile. Try to avoid damp feet or walking around with socks. Determine whether this material if best for you and KR Tile & Stone will be there for you.

For an extravagant look and feel inside your home or business, natural stone is a beautiful option for a staircase. Each and every slab is unique when working with stone. Over time marble staircases have been proven to reflect a symbol of lavishness and wealth.


Custom Designed Stair Styles:

  • Straight Stairs
  • Quarter Landing Stairs
  • Half Landing Stairs
  • Winder Stairs
  • Arched Stairs
  • Spiral Stairs
  • Compact Stairs
  • Stair Safety

Choose KR Tile & Stone to make sure that our experts provide the best installation practices to prevent any injuries from happening due to poor installment. When speaking to an expert, let him/her know about your living situation and also give the person some information on the house itself. Get all your dreams and wishes and turn them into a reality with an easy step. Choosing KR Tile & Stone for the best results. Our goal is to make sure we deliver a staircase that fits the client best.