Tile Repair and Renewal

Everyone in the greater Los Angeles area has a convenient option, choosing KR Tile & Stone. Repair and renewal services are all about helping the customer with chips, cracks, fractures, erosion, stains, and more. Our team helps create an environment that feels brand new and fresh. Instead of the client dealing with the problem, all the costs, and starting from scratch you can have KR Tile & Stone give you a hand. Be stress free and watch the transformation in front of your own eyes. Remember that every project starts with a consultation with a professional. He/she may go to your house in order to reveal your desires on the project, giving you all the information. All the damages will be closely examined. Trust in the process and watch it be effective, efficient and easy.

Tile Repair Process

  1. Look closely at the condition of the tile. For example, if the tile and grout is dirty, then we recommend a deep and thorough cleaning. Poor sealing practices have proven to make tile looked stained, faded, and ugly. Make sure to use proper sealant.
  2. Clean and prepare the area that you are repairing in advance.
  3. Remove any remaining sealant so that the new one is properly implemented.
  4. Take care of any visible damage such as cracks, holes, and chips by filling them.

Tile Renewal Process

The tile process is all about being aware. If the tile and grout are dirty a deep clean will make it look new again. But even then professionals stress the fact that tall you need a sealant after cleaning it. Cheap products shouldn't be used so make sure you know your products.
The bonding agents should recommend using products that are of the best quality.

Best Ways to Maintain Grout and Tile

In order to truly guarantee a durable tile surface with a long lifespan, proper maintenance is required. There are a couple steps you can take to maintain a beautiful tile surface. You can easily clean the tile use a damp rag, it's non-porous. It is recommended to use high acidic cleaners when dealing with the tile and also choose a neutral option. If you clean your tile regularly you will be able to avoid any buildup of mold or mildew. They are not only damaging to your health but are an ugly stain on your surfaces. Please view a full list of services we provide.