Caesarstone Fabrication

KR Tile & Stone has a team of professionals that are able to place Caesarstone into your location in not time, being certified Caesarstone fabrication and installation experts within the Los Angeles, CA area. Prices may vary depending on the material you choose but for the most part we have many options that are affordable, beautiful, and unique.


About Caesarstone

Caesarstone is a perfect choice for either a residential and commercial area. It has over time began to gain popularity due to its vibrant colors, high performance quality, style, and its non-porous element that allows it to appear sleek without a sealing. It is definitely an appealing material that can catch your attention immediately.

Before deciding on what tile or stone you should use for your project, make sure you know all about that material. At KR Tile & Stone one of our members can assist you in understanding the pros and cons of each material. Contact us today for a free consultation in order to make sure that your selection was the right material for your needs.

Caesarstone is about 94% quartz and 6% polymer resins and coloring. It definitely has amazing flexibility, that being one of the pros about Caesarstone. Aside from its flexibility it is also durable and water-resistant, meaning that this material is perfect for any kitchen. Liquids such as vinegar, coffee, and wine will do no damage to the Caesarstone material. On top of that it’s scratch resistant! With that being said, you should still avoid scratching the stone directly with a knife.


Reasons to Choose Caesarstone

First of all, cleaning a Caesarstone surface is absolutely easy! All you have to do is wipe down the surface with warm water and a paper towel. In a matter of seconds, the mess is gone and removed from the surface. Caesarstone is heat resistant  but by using a padding in order to avoid direct contact between hot cookware and surface tops you can extend the life and beauty of this stone. Caesarstone tends to be cheaper in price compared to granite because Caesarstone is consistent in its high-quality production. The reason why the price of granite is never stable, as it fluctuates, is because the price is set due to the variation quality. Caesarstone will also come with a warranty after it has been purchased. Get a stone that best fits you and choose from a variety of colors!